Thursday, 28 January 2010

Inspirations: Clement Cooper

 Clement Cooper, born and raised in Manchester's predominantly Black and Asian communities of Moss Side and Longsight, first began taking photographs at the age of 17. Self-taught, Clement worked as a photographer and reporter for a number of local newspapers, before receiving his first important commission in 1987 from the Documentary Photography Archive in Manchester to record aspects of life within the Moss Side and Longsight Afro-Caribbean community. The commission resulted in his first book and exhibition, Presence (1989).

what i also like about this particular work is that these people seemingly do not have an awful lot going for them in terms of riches, but these guys look pretty damn good.

See more of his work here.


  1. Hi, Can you please remove my image? Posted without my permission. Thanks! Clement Cooper

  2. Not sure that first picture is by Clement Cooper? I think it's by Vanley Burke.